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Most automakers claim to be on the cutting edge of technology. Mercedes-Benz is the company that defines the cutting edge. Not only did Mercedes-Benz invent the first car in 1886, but the company also pioneered a comprehensive crash testing program, the first antilock braking system, and the first 4-wheel independent suspension, all features that come standard on modern vehicles.

Accidents happen to the best of us. Luckily for Mercedes drivers, Jenkins Auto Vision in Butler is prepared to get you through the difficult situation as quickly and as pleasantly as possible. After all, we know how hard it is to get by without a car—you’ve got places to go and things to do.

At our independent, family-owned auto body and collision shop, we’ve been making Mercedes vehicles look and run like new for many years. We provide you with a free estimate before any repairs are done, and we promise to return your Mercedes to its original visual and safety specifications.

Moreover, there isn’t a Butler auto body shop more committed to excellent customer service. As soon as you enter our shop, you will be greeted with a friendly smile, and your Mercedes will be worked on by an experienced, well-trained auto body technician. Our paint specialists are equally knowledgeable and precise when it comes to returning your car’s finish to pre-accident condition.

In Butler, Bring Your Mercedes to Jenkins Auto Vision for Quality Collision Repair

Your Mercedes deserves a skillful, dependable auto body mechanic backed by a high-functioning collision shop. Contact Mercedes today, either by phone or contact us online to schedule an appointment for your vehicle!